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Chroma Cube Unblock Your Mind


Image of Chroma Cube Unblock Your Mind Image of Chroma Cube Unblock Your Mind

Introducing the colorful set that will change your puzzling experiences forever: Chroma Cube! Deductive solving has never been so fun with a puzzles like this. The twelve (12) piece cube set looks harmless and inviting in its tray but is home to a world of excitement when you’re solving each puzzle. Included in this set are twelve (12) colorful cubes and a tray to arrange them on. Each cube is made of a durable wood that is sure to spark conversation. Set this tray on your table to create a statement piece or leave the puzzle out for play. Whatever you choose to do with your Chroma Cube set, you’re sure to hear, “What are those cute little cubes? Can I play?”

You’ve never seen something so simplistic and yet perfectly challenging as this Chroma cube puzzle game! Stored inside of the tray itself lies 25 cards that give clues as to the positioning of the cubes for that puzzle. Hints to these positions include phrases such as “Coral sits next to White,” and “Either Teal or Black sits next to Cobalt.” As the card numbers go up, so does the difficulty of each puzzle! Can you solve each of the tricky cube patterns from this strategy game?

Intrigue guests ages 8+ with the incredible design of this strategy board game. Expertly designed with your interests in puzzling challenges in mind, this cube game has become an instant must-have for each player ready for a new and exciting challenge to add to their collection! Click those wooden blocks into place and flip over the challenge card to see if you’ve cracked the code. Prepare yourself for smiles all around when you’ve finally bested the puzzle. Invite others in on the fun to see who can solve each challenge the fastest, and Unblock Your Mind With Strategy Game Chroma Cube By Project Genius!